Tech Call ALL Vivienne Tam netbook owners!!


Aug 8, 2008
Santa Barbara, CA
Is everybody who purchased the first edition still loving it?? Has anyone got the new one with the butterflys? I am thinking of getting a refurbished first edition on ebay, or wherever I can find it. I just love the red/violet and flowers! Any thoughts?


Sep 1, 2008
Just from specs alone.. I would get the new one with the butterflies. The prices I saw on ebay for the old one are around $400ish (I believe) and for the actual value of the hardware (not the fact that its pretty and is decorated by someone famous) its not worth it. For the same specs used... you could probably get the same netbook for $180-$200 (about $250 new) so you'll be paying about $200 for the decoration.

The new butterfly one has alot better specs for a netbook (new atom nZ50.. better processor.. which from reading.. seems to have lower power consumption == better battery life). It also has 2G of ram which on standard netbooks is only 1G unless you buy another memory stick and upgrade it yourself (not sure if HP netbooks can be upgraded.. some netbooks have their memory soldered on the board). I still think its overpriced... cause for the same netbook minus the 1G of ram... its going for $300-$350.. so you'll be paying about another $300 for prettiness. (Electronics isn't something that I would spend extra money for cause its pretty... cause 2 months down the line.. something better is out and I'll probably want that new one instead =P.. especially with netbooks because they aren't at their full potential yet.. at least I think so) But yes I do agree that the designs are cute and awesome!


Mar 14, 2009
I have the one with flowers. I got it when the new one was coming out, so mine was discounted.

I do love mine, although I recognize even with the discount it was a bit more than just a basic netbook.

I haven't had any issues with it, but it is just a plain vanilla netbook.


Jul 22, 2009
I remember seeing that one; I showed it to my bf cause I thought it was so pretty. But then he raged at the specs and price because he is a computer nerd. Then I found a computer chassis that was white with swarovski crystals on it and wanted that, but its a mid tower chassis so the air ventilation would not be so good. /pout