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  1. hi all,
    i really love the calista satchel in's on sale now at a couple of different places...i looked at it at a few different stores and all of the hardware looks scratched no matter what store i saw it in...i was told by a MK employee that it's not a defect, that it's "brushed" any of you know anything about that? thanks...
    also looking at the sutton in luggage...would love any and all feedback
  2. Hey song,

    I haven't seen the bag irl, but I was looking at (zoomed) pics of this bag on zappos and ebags, and you can tell that the hardware is brushed. Personally, I really like the brushed hardware because then I don't have to worry about scratches or tarnish. However, if this bothers you, you might want to rethink a possible purchase. :thinking:
  3. hey carterazo,
    i love the bag but the hardware looks scratched and not brushed...perhaps that is the way that mk brushes the hardware? i really love the bag,'s between the 2 and i'm glad you looked at it for me!
  4. i got two amazing deals today! one on a cole haan and the other on the calista! i found it on sale for 199.00!!! it was originally 398.00...this never happens to me! i love the color and everything about it...yay!
  5. Yay! I'm so happy for you! :yahoo: That's a really good deal. (Love Cole Haan too! Their quality is amazing. Which one did you get?)

    Please post pics so we can drool over your bags. :yes:
  6. I saw that bag on sale at the MK boutique for $199 a couple of days ago...beautiful! Congrats!
  7. Hmmm, are all of the calista satchels on sale? I'm interested in the vanilla one. Do you have any photos?
  8. CONGRATS!!!!!!! Pics please!!!!!