Caling all BALENCIAGA CLIP owner

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  1. I wanted to get a gift for a guy who is around 170cm/5.6ft tall but I couldn't justify to get the medium or the large black balenciaga clip for him. Usually he will bring his essential such as mobile phone, wallet, a water bottle, fold-able umbrella, etc.

    Can the medium fit A4 size paper?

    The price is almost the same but I ain't sure which one would suit the most.

    All Balenciaga clip owner, please advice. Thank you :biggrin:
  2. This is what you are referring to, right? There are 2 sizes, the one below (which is mine) and a larger one. Note, however, that mine is the first year of production .. in which the studs are also at the bottom. In subsequent years, Balenciaga removed them .. (who knows why - I like it with the extra studs!) ..


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  3. Sorry .. meant to answer your question, yes .. A4 paper can fit inside easily. I can put my Mac Laptop in there as well, and there is a sleeve inside which you can use to put papers, binder, etc.
  4. That's really nice! Too bad they removed the studs now. I was wondering if the medium one would fit A4 size file
  5. Thank you so much for your input :biggrin:
  6. No medium doesn't fit A4 however is more suitable for 5"6 frame. Large clip is huge on a 5"6 guy. I just bought my medium clip yesterday and love the versatility of it. But I doubt we should put an umbrella or even a water bottle in it.

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  7. I just purchased the medium for my ex husbands birthday present this week. I got it from, ex is 5'8 and the sizing is perfect for him. It doesn't fit A4, in fact I think it's about A4 size itself. It fits an iPad with a case on no problem.

    When I saw it come out of the box I thought wow I hope he doesn't like it because it's much nicer than I thought it would be and I could keep it . But no, he loves it, put his golf rule book and his iPad and off he went with it under his arm.
  8. IMG_1478716325.153728.jpg

    Couldn't resist - I had to buy the small version.