1. I'm heading up to SD and then LA and then Santa Monica this far is the Hermes from me? Any other stores/resteraunts I should be sure to visit?? :smile: Thanks!!!
  2. There is a Hermes at South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa) that you will drive past on your way (right by 405-N). Then as you go further up North, there's Hermes at Beverly Hills that you can hit.:yes:
  3. We're staying at the Residence Inn and Beverly Hills...:smile: is that anywhere close? Does Hermes close at 6 also? haha, just want to make sure I can make it in :smile: So excited!!
  4. I'm not very familiar with the Beverly Hills area, just the thought of trying to find parking there gives me a headache since the underground ones are expensive (that's the cheapskate in me talking). I think the one at BH closes at 6pm, but the one at South Coast Plaza closes at 8pm on Saturday.
  5. BH has their own parking area behind the store.....
  6. oh wow :smile: I guess i'll have to time my travel so that Hermes is open :smile:. I know that our hotel needs us to pay like $18/night for parking :huh:
  7. ^^The parking is a bit tricky to find but if you call ahead they could direct you where to turn. Ladystara--how exciting! Santa Monica is not too far from Beverly Hills--you can just take Wilshire Blvd straight into BH. I believe Hermes closes at 6 p.m. as well, and they are closed on Sundays. As for food...yummy...there's a lot. For nice Peruvian-Japanese, there's Matsuhisa on Restaurant Row in La Cienega--I believe this is Nobu Matsuhisa's first restaurant--very good, but not as good as Nobu in Malibu which is my all-time favorite restaurant, PM me if you wind up going there and I can tell you what to order. Another alternative to public parking is doing valet parking at Saks--they validate if you make a purchase; it's a nice central location b/c you can hit Rodeo and hit Wilshire for all the major department stores--NM, Saks, Barneys. If you're open to Tex-Mex, there is also El Torito Grill which I love--it's on Wilshire and across the street from Neiman. There are also a bunch of little stores that are worth checking out on Robertson; there is an adorable little patisserie called Michel Richard on Robertson that I've been going to since I was a child. They have amazing raspberry tarts, pate, and other pastries.Robertson is also close to the Beverly Center--great shopping too. And of course, if you see an In'N'Out burger while driving, you must go there and get a cheeseburger w/grilled onions. There is one near UCLA in Westwood, not too far from BH. Santa Monica also has Fred Segal--a very nice boutique-style department store that has a lot of fun things. I like the SM location better than their Melrose one. Anyhow, PM if you want more suggestions....I went to school and got married on the Westside and lived in CA for most of my life. Lots of fun things to do there.
  8. Hi, you sound very familiar with the area. Do you know any resale shop/consignment store in LA that carry high end stuffs like Chanel, YSL, Dior, etc... Thanks.

  9. oooooooo a really cool boutique is ecookie. dressed.

    its on abbot kinney in venice beach. there are lots of really cool shops there. you can tell her ISA the necklace girl sent you=) she serves free wine from 6-10!
  10. OH wow!! Thank you for the suggestions!!
  11. Thanks, I'll check it out this weekend and definitely will tell her about the necklace girl :idea:

  12. You're right, I totally forgot about that.
  13. Definitely check out Decades! I totally forgot about them! There is also decadestwo which I believe is another location. I'm sure it's on their website. There is also Lily Et Cie where a lot of Oscar nominees get vintage and collectible gowns. All info can be found on the Web I believe.
  14. This is cool. BIG THANK. :smile: