California residents...........PYTHON?

  1. I read on one of the books at the Coach store of their special ed. products that they won't send their python made handbags to California cuz it's illegal. Has anyone heard this before?? Does anyone have any info regarding this? I couldn't find anything online. Is it illegal to buy, sell or even have in your possession??
  2. I know that Saks won't ship python to Cali either, but I have no idea why
  3. It's true, it is illegal to import python to ca. They use a different snake skin for bags that are brought to ca. If it is vital that you own a python, you need to purchase it in a different state that allows this material and purchase it there. But I don't know the laws and regulations of actually bringing it in.
  4. Why won't they allow this?
    Especially when you can get it in the neighbouring state? :confused1: