California Pizza Kitchen~20% Off New Menu Items With A CPK Adventure Car

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  1. Just signed up! Thanks so much! We eat there at least once a month.
  2. Thanks! I love their new cheeseburger pizza! Yum!
  3. Thanks just signed up
  4. I just called my local CPK, they are willing to take the email confirmation ... so no need to wait for the card to start using it. To confirm call your Local CPK.
  5. I received my card in less than a week!
  6. I received my card today! Looking forward to trying the new stuff.
  7. It seems the link is dead.
  8. Got mines in the mail last week. Thanks again. :smile:
  9. You can sign up every Friday!
  10. Thanks! Just signed up..
  11. bump
  12. I used my adventure card today.. on a curb side order of the Hawaiian Barbecue chicken pizza.. I'm sorry.. it was kind of gross.. it was the regular bbq chk pizza with some pineapples on it (that's the only thing that makes it hawaiian???)... I also forgot to tell them the Neopolitan dough.

    Is anything else on the new menu good? I wish I had've just gotten my regular thin crust jamaican jerk... :sad:

  13. Thanks for reminding me to use my card! I put it away and forgot about it. Sorry that you didn't like your pizza....I'll certainly not order that one!
  14. i tried the crab cake and it's delicious.........
  15. thanks!!!