California here we come righ back where we started from!!!

  1. I am SOOOOOO excited because we're finally going back home to Southern California on a much needed week long vacation on Wednesday!! :yahoo: Is it me but does the week and days before your anticipating something seem to go extremely slooooooow? We'll be going to the beach,:beach: Universal Studios, Hollywood, Griffith Park, Disneyland, and back home to our old neighborhood to visit some friends. I really miss it back home and while it seems like we're visiting "tourist" attractions, this is where I grew up the first 20 years of my life and what normal was to me... :-]]

    So if i dont log on for the next week you will know why!!! :drinkup:
  2. hope you have fun!
  3. WOOO HOOO!!! have fun babe!! enjoy your long relaxing vacation and try not to think of the stresses at home!! ;)

    I'll miss your posts on here :heart:
  4. it here!!
  5. Cool!
  6. me too! welcome back, alma!
  7. ^^Thanks!!!! It will definently feel so good to be back!
  8. hey have a great trip back!! hope it provides u with some much needed relaxation!!!
  9. Have a great relaxing trip home, Alma! I envy you!!!:crybaby:
  10. socal honey u NEED that break...soak up the sun and have a blast :beach:...u`ll be missed ! :sad:
  11. Hope you have fun on your trip back over here!! :biggrin:
  12. Hope that you have a great time!!! Be safe :smile:
  13. Have a wonderful time!! Do lots of shopping :graucho:
  14. Have fun, I really think it is great that you can go back to visit and do all those things. It's always nice seeing old friends.
  15. Well, I'm certainly GLAD you're happy to be coming here! My husband and I have lived here all our lives, and it seems like so many of our friends and friends of our children's are skipping town! Seriously! We've lost within the last year friends going to: Salem OR, St. Louis, and 2 to North Carolina. I'm like "where's everyone going????" Oh, and one went back to her home in Germany! She'd lived her for 2 years! Hello? Money calling.....
    Well, welcome back even though it's just for a week.
    It's a great place to be - and we're certainly not going anywhere. ALL of our family is here, our kids are ensconsed, and moving and finding jobs, etc., is just a little bit much for us to take on.
    So enjoy enjoy enjoy!