California girls: Ban on Exotics?!

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  1. How can custom enforce the law? The federal government is in charge of the customs, not CA state. The federal agent will not concert about enforcing the CA law.

  2. This language is what I referred to above as the work around law. The bill that sets forth the work around law (A.B. 719) has not passed or been signed by the Governor so it has no legal effect. It was referred back to committee and is held under submission.

    As things stand today, the ban on croc and gator (Penal Code 653o) goes into effecton 1/1/2020.
  3. Paging through the latest Departures California edition, I was surprised to see an article with a alligator bag by The Row and a full page ad of a guy wearing a python jacket.....weird considering the ban.
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  4. So as everyone is probably already aware, it’s official. My SA confirmed that exotics will be banned in CA starting Jan 1st. So I can no longer get the braise kelly I was supposed to get SS 2020:sad: And apparently H won’t ship to an out of state boutique, so there is no good work around.. Guess I will have to get my exotics in Paris
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  5. My SA told me that they won’t be able to Accept into service any gator or croc bags/watch straps/jewelry in CA either. Those items will have to be taken out of state to an H boutique and sent to a non CA based craftsperson. For example, from So Cal, i would have to take my gator Constance wallet to Las Vegas Hermès to request spa service.
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  6. Wow :eek:
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  7. So apparently you can gift exotics and send to CA. I guess the consumer just can't purchase them directly. I asked my Delvaux SA b/c I have a MTO alligator on order due to arrive while I am in my CA home for winter. He said since it was already purchased, it's outside of all this legalese. BUT he did say going forward that people can gift send exotics, just not purchase themselves when going to the state. I am also in NV and AZ, ppl come over here to buy python and drive or fly home with them to CA. OR they purchase here and then ship them into CA themselves.

  8. It is not a law directed at consumers, it is directed to sellers. There is a list of critters that cannot be shipped into California for sale. (Penal Code 653o). Pythons are on the list and are governed by the law. As of 1/1/2020, crocs and alligators will also be on the list.

    If you go to another state and buy a croc bag, you can carry it back into California with you so long as you do not intend to sell it.

    It sounds to me like H is going to take a rather broad view and basically refuse to handle croc or gator or ship croc or gator into California at all.

    Sounds to me like H is taking a really firm line in all of this, which I commend them for. Although I am sorry for those caught up in things like bag orders.

    The governor just signed another law that forbids the manufacture or sale of new furs in California, too. I haven't looked at the statute so I don't know which furs it specifically applies to; it is intended to apply to all of them. But again, only new furs are forbidden - if you have your own, nothing happens to them.
  9. It’s funny how the human mind works: never been too interested in alligator, but as soon as my SA mentioned ban starting 1/1/2020, I went into full must-have-gator-now mode. They are putting all remaining alligator items out at my boutique and are not ordering more. If they don’t sell them before Jan 1, they will be forwarded to another boutique out of state.

    Was also told lizard ban in CA comes on 1/1/2022, and the fur ban comes on 1/1/2023. I am pretty indifferent about fur (and it’s not like we need it in this climate), and it sounds like we have 2 years to get lizard then.

    I am all for animal rights, but I always imagined Hermes alligator farms to be quite well maintained and well-kept. Oh well.
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  10. The fur ban doesn't make sense to me considering California's stance on environmentalism. Artificial "fur" and fabrics are far more detrimental to the environment than natural furs, and strict farming criteria these days makes if far more humane than the production facilities of artificial fur as well.
    I'm glad I don't live in CA! I'll stay snuggled up north here in my furs :yes:
    As for exotics, it's a shame, but they are so far out of my price range for me to have an opinion :angel:
  11. I got a feeling the ban is more of an animal welfare reason than environmental reason. A ban on single use plastic bags is more for environmental reason. Or they should ban all non-biodegradable materials including faux fur.
  12. Crazy also that there is a ban on python and (coming) lizard in CA, and Florida is actively asking the public to kill pythons & iguanas b/c they are destroying the ecosystem.
  13. I was thinking the same thing and looked up the California python ban. It was a long time ago (1970) before the Florida explosion of pythons. California may need to rethink their python ban.....they need to keep up with the times!
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  14. Well they'd have a hard time banning artificial fur even if they wanted to... I'm sure the clothing industry has powerful lobbyists, unlike probably the exotic skins industry.