California Gals and Guys!

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  1. We have been trying to re-locate for some time now. We have checked out many places. We love Cali and wonder if you guys could help with great areas in and around the LA area, safe for a family. Was down there not too long ago and fell in love with South Coast Plaza and Fashion Island. Is it too crazy to live in OC, and how long would it take to get to downtown LA?
  2. If you live in OC, you can bet on at least one hour commute each way to downtown. I had to drive from my office in Long Beach to downtown LA on Wednesday around noon, 26 miles, took one hour, and this was not rush hour traffic. There are a lot of great cities in Orange County, but you will have a long commute, no way around it.
  3. Thanks Irish! I am thinking Newport Beach, or around that area. I suppose the only reason I would go into downtown LA would be to shop.
  4. I live in OC and had to commute to my old job in LA, (on Sunset to be exact) and it took over 1 1/2 each way, every day! It was horrible! OC is a great place to live and raise kids, and its also pretty safe.
  5. :heart:South Coast Plaza and Fashion Island:heart:
    Without traffic it takes about 35 to 40 minutes to travel from HB to Downtown LA.
    Depending on the area, OC is great!

    Newport Beach is a great area. Some areas in Newport closer to Costa Mesa, eh, not so great.
  6. I would suggest these cities: Seal Beach, Surfside, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach (I was raised there), then inland to Irvine, North Tustin (Cowan Heights, Lemon Heights), if you want to go even further inland, Yorba Linda, Anahiem Hills. Hope that helps.
  7. Laguna Beach, Huntington Harbor, and Rossmore are great too IMO.

    San Clemente is a little further South, but very nice as well.
  8. there really is no place to shop in downtown la unless you are referring to the fashion district, jewelry mart, etc. they are working to improve downtown slowly...most of the great shopping is around la (west hollywood, melrose, century city, bev hills, pasadena, etc.) and further away from downtown...
  9. i love southern California!!! of the safest cities in the U.S :smile:
  10. I grew up in OC...I agree...if you think you'll just go up to LA to'll find you end up staying in OC most of the time. I'd go to LA to shop maybe twice a year - because you just can't justify the traffic and there is plenty of great shopping in OC! I agree with the cities that others have recommended; choose somewhere close to wherever you will work. Good luck!
  11. Just visited the Yorba Linda/Anaheim Hills area -- VERY peaceful, quiet, sunny. And definitely family-friendly. With every creature comfort you could want. Kind of far away from downtown L.A. though.
  12. LUCKY YOU!! :smile:) I want to go back to Southern California
  13. Irvine is very nice area, as is mission viejo and lauguna hills. Those are all in southern orange county. I dont know if you have been down to san diego yet but la jolla and del mar are also very lovely. If you are thinking closer to LA have you looked at Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, or Bel Air?
  14. Like others have said the comute from The OC to LA is a major pain in the butt. Try looking at the West Side of LA. There are some really nice areas there also.
  15. I grew up in Seal Beach and I recommend it: it's a small, beachside community, very safe, gorgeous, with access to really good schools (private & public)... good times!