California Closets?

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  1. Has anyone had their closet remodeled by California Closets? I'm dying to redo my closet, but I don't want to pay a ton. My closet is a little weird, it's a smallish walk in but it has fifteen foot high ceilings! So there is a ton of unused space. I could definitely use professional help designing a space efficient closet. If you've used them, how expensive are they? Have you been happy with their work? How long did it take them to complete the project? How as their scheduling, i.e. did they give you a schedule and then stick to it?

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. I had four closets and a small home office space done nearly 10 years ago by California Closets. I have been happy with them. I too have high ceiling and small walk-in closets. Definitely they made my space much more usable. I don't remember how expensive it is now and it's been so long probably the prices have changed a lot, but I remember they were not the cheapest but not the most expensive either. It was a few thousand dollars if I recall, but it makes a big difference what configuration you have and how many drawers you have and things like that. There were also different finishes.
    They didn't take long. They had someone come and view your space and discuss plans with you and you can get an idea how much it would be. It's been so long that I don't remember the detail. It didn't take long. They were on schedule. I've been happy with them. The shelving in one closet kind of got skewed after several years, but it might have been due to uneven flooring (My place is very old and everything is a little crooked it seems, so it's hard to judge them).
    Overall, it was pretty painless to have them come in and propose a plan and install it. It definitely improved my day-to-day living. My only regret is that I should have had them deal with my hall closet and home office closet at that time too. Now I am too lazy and it costs more and I just don't have the energy.
  3. i have used them couple of times. First time in my old home, it was really easy and on schedule. But it was a simple design and there were no drawers and not much going on.
    In my current house, there were 3 closets I got done with them. I have mixed feelings about this project. One lady came in and took the measurement and did the design. It was wonderful on paper and had everything I wanted. Then the actual contractor came in to do the installment and all hell broke loose. Most of the measurements that she took were wrong. Her plan/design did not fit with the space, drawers were in the middle of overlapping closet doors (meaning you can never open them), there were vertical panels that needed to go over our crawl space opening (meaning you cannot access the crawl space), the corner shelves that she ordered did not fit etc. They did whatever they could do and had to reorder most of the things and that took another 5 weeks to come in. So basicaly I did not end up with what was planned in paper and also I had clothes all over the house for 5 weeks. They said sorry and that's that. I will never use them again. And about expensive, they are mid range and they have 40% discounts a lot of times.
    I guess I was unlucky with the designer I got. HTH.
  4. I had 2 closets done with them and they did an amazing closets are totally useable now and they are so well organized....
    Make sure you work with the designer and know exactly what you want!
  5. My friend had her closets professionally done, I am not sure if she used this company. She spent 15-18,000.00 on them. I thought my IKEA PAX closet units and inserts were made better then hers. Mine seemed more sturdy. has a good site and you can design your closet online with everything you need. IKEA also has people who will deliver and put together your furniture but I did mine myself-super easy. I also found a handyman guy who charges 30-35 dollars a hour to put together IKEA-so to me that is also worth it. I eventually want to get all new IKEA kitchen cabinets.
  6. not sure where you live, but we chose closet world over california closets. it was several years ago...we preferred the way they were installed, floor to ceiling and drilled to the wall...versus hanging on a rack/more modular style. they negotiated with us..i recall them coming down pretty steeply because they wanted to do business in our neighborhood of new homes.

    i think we got our master closet and 2 kids rooms done for 8k. we went with upper end finishes for the master closet, and mid grade for kids rooms. very happy almost 10 years later.

    we wouldn't have had the patience to deal with ikea or installing our own was nice to have a designer pencil it all out for us.
  7. My tax accountant told me she had a consult with them and it was 20k for not much she ended up going with another company. I think she said they are called cornerstone closets she is happy. More than half the cost still great quality.
  8. I'd find a way to use that high space, even if it meant having some sort of ladder in there. Maybe one of those seen in some libraries that roll along the bookshelves?

    Put your lesser used or out-of-season seasonal clothing higher up.
  9. My mom had a local builder work with her and design her closet. Then they used components from Menards to build it. It looks far more expensive than many of the closets from specific closet companies I've seen, but it was a fraction of the cost. We will be redoing our closet (hopefully this summer) and will take the same approach of using a local builder instead of specific closet builders.
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  10. I used the service of Dream Closets and Carpentry LLC. They are best. Highly recommend. Best, Fast and affordable.