Calgary, Alberta LV ? Pricing

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  1. I will probably be moving from Houston to Calgary in a couple of Months - hubby is getting a job transfer it looks like -- we moved here from there about 15 years ago lol --- I'm thinking of getting a Damier Alma and am wondering if I should get it here, or in Calgary .. just wondering if anyone in Alberta would know the cost in Calgary in Canadian $$ with whatever GST and whatever taxes I would pay there ... and I can compare to what I'd pay for it here in Houston ... better to buy here now, or there when I arrive.

    Thanks if anyone can help :smile:

  2. You'll pay only 6% GST (Alberta has no additional provincial sales tax). I believe the alma is about $935 canadian. Also, Calgary currently has the most expensive housing market in Canada as well so start looking for a house asap!
  3. Vista, It was $940 before the price increase in November.

    I was just on the phone with an SA while reading your thread! She said the Damier Alma is currently $970. With 6% GST = $1028.20

    Welcome back to Calgary! Yahoo (sorry had to put that in there for a little stampede humor!)
  4. Alberta is the best place to live in Canada....because we only have to pay 6% GST!!!!
  5. Yup!! Welcome back! hehe :welcome:
  6. hehehe yeah it's all about the 6% here!!! Welcome welcome
  7. yeah! that's one of the best things about living here!

    Vista! we'll only be three hours away from each other! (I live in Edmonton)
  8. I think you'll save a tiny bit buying it here in Calgary! The tax is lower, and I find that some LV bags are cheaper in Canada after the currency exchange!
  9. Oh wow thanks guys for the great response :smile: I know housing has become so incredibly expensive since we left --- well with no kids and we tend to periodically and keep mobile we'll probably look for a condo or luxury apartment / townhome lease most likely.. Guess I can probably wait till I get there, no rush on buying one here probably .. so what's the shopping for LVs like? I am so fortunate here with the large boutique at the Houston Gallerie and the smaller boutique in the NM at the same mall LOL, eLuxury, 866 LV etc..... but I'm assuming I'll be able to shop at Holt Renfrew in Calgary for LV ? Do they have a boutique, is it well stocked or a small counter?

    I haven't lived there since 1992 -- and wasn't shopping for designer items at all back then. Wow I will have a lot to learn about where to shop. When I lived there Bankers Hall had just been a couple of years old and one of the nicest areas to shop, has that expanded or is there a better area for shopping?

    We're probably going to get all the moving details soon, probably Mid February --- eek for the cold --- Lol maybe I'll stay here and let him go up first LOL -- March would be a bit milder I'd think. I don't even have winter boots any more after living in Texas for so long, or a long coat.

    How do people deal with moving their LVs? I have never done that yet at all --- do you just trust the movers to pack them up or take them with you carry on on the plane? ... maybe thats a whole other thread onces I get into the move stuff or do some research into some of the older threads on the board here.

    Thanks for the numbers guys ! Glad to hear about the sales tax still not being implemented in Alberta --- GST came in just before we left Alberta, when I was living there we mostly had no provicial or GST it was great .. and back then housing was still cheap ---- its still cheap here in Houston, but I do look forward to moving back to Canada.
  10. Don't let the movers take your LV's!! How many bags do you have? I would take them with me on the plane if possible.
  11. Yes...your only option is the Holt Renfrew's a small counter, but the SAs there are super friendly and you can always call the LV boutique at Banff if Holts doesn't have what you want.

    And I'd pack my own LVs...I wouldn't trust anyone else with those!
  12. Thanks Blue and Karman,

    I Don't have too many, I can manage what I have probably carry on. I expect we'll be making a couple of flights over the move anyway. Does the boutique in Banff have more stock than at the shop in Calgary? I forgot about that. I was married at the Banff Springs by the way :smile: Wow havne't been back there though since the year I was married in 1991. I definitely need a piece from Banff.
  13. I think the Banff store is better than the one in Calgary but I haven't been there...perhaps Karman can confirm? Your wedding must have been beautiful! I will be a bridesmaid for my friend's wedding at the Banff Springs in Feb.
  14. The Banff LV is bigger than the LV in Holt Renfrew and the girls there are also super nice.
  15. Actually, Alberta's pretty lucky; we have 3 of the 9(?) LV stores in Canada.
    Calgary: 10 Minutes
    Banff: 1.5 hour
    Edmonton: 3 hours