Calfskin or what?

  1. Hi. I am confused about the material used for caviar-finished leather. When I purchased my first Chanel flap (over the phone, years ago,) I was told that caviar leather was pebbled lambskin. I know that's not true. Is it calfskin or deerskin? If the bag is not quilted, say like a Cerf, is the leather different that the bags that are quilted, like a GST or Medallion? I don't think the information is in the bag itself, is it?
    I apologize in advance if I asked a question on the wrong forum.
  2. caviar = calfskin:yes:
    Caviar is caviar whether on a quilted or a non-quilted bag.
  3. To add to the confusion, when I bought my Cerf, the s/a told me the leather is calfskin, not deerskin. Chanel used deerskin upon the first introduction of the bag and buyers complained about the deerskin being too thick and heavy. When I compare the leather of my Cerf to the leather of my deerskin Luxury bowler, the difference is so apparent both by sight and touch that I believe the s/a was telling the truth!