calfskin leather muse bag: is it as good as buffalo leather?

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  1. I just bought a large ivory muse bag from Bluefly, made with calfskin instead of leather. This is my very first YSL bag, and I've no clue what calfskin is like. Anyone knows whether the calfskin is as good as leather?
  2. I know the earlier Muse bags were buffalo leather. I don't know if that changed down the road. The Buffalo was very smooth and sturdy.
  3. My Muse is new and it is Buffalo... maybe Bluefly's desciption is wrong.
  4. ^^Ooo - photos pikeeybrl! What color/size did you get? :flowers:
  5. the photo is as follows, but just look the same as any muse bag. Bluefly describes some of their muse bags as leather, but some as calfskin. Kinda confusing, but happy that I finally bought the muse bag that I have longed for :yahoo:
  6. ^^Very nice! A XL Ivory Muse is on my *WISHLIST* too! That bag is perfect for summer.
  7. I got an XL in the Blue color. I love it.
  8. ^^Did you get the *new* spring blue? (The one Kate has in the new campaign ads)? That color is TDF!

    PHOOOOOTOoooo's! :flowers:
  9. Yup that's the one.... it's my favorite bag.
  10. Hi, fashionlover123, does your bag come with a paper tag?
    There are a couple numbers written on the tag, and I think your tag has
    a 6 digit # 156464 which stands for the size of the muse, and the next #
    stands for the leather material. If it is C6D0G, the leather is baffalo affrica, and YSL says it is calf.
    Check it on the YSL site, looking at the Leather goods in the Product Guide.
    You can also get the some tips for care.
    Congratulations on your first muse !!
  11. I haven't received the bag yet, but it should arrive next week. I'll check for the tag when it arrives and probably post pictures. Though I feel guilty about buying 4 designer bags in 3 months :shame:. I'm indeed excited to add the muse bag to my family :woohoo:
  12. the new blue Muse is on Bluefly?! I've got to start stalking!
  13. I don't think it is... I got mine at Nordstroms...I think she got a different color.
  14. My muse finally arrived today. Though it's a large, I'm surprised that it's not big. The tag is baffalo africa. It's not as great as I thought. Now I'm thinking should I return it or not
  15. Oh no... put your stuff in it and walk around your place and see how it smooshes...:greengrin: