Calfskin chevron or lambskin quilted boy?

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  1. Hello Boy owners and lovers, do you prefer calfskin chevron boy or quilted lambskin boy in old medium size? I know everyone is waiting for the caviar in coming prefall, but I am not very sure about boy in caviar. So can you give me your opinion which one will you pick? I love lambskin but not sure about its durability. So chevron calfskin probably another option as it has the smooth feeling and look, and durable than lambskin? Thank you.
  2. I'd pick the calfskin. Like you say the calfskin has the look and feel of lambskin but is so much more durable and I like the thick chevron on a boy as well. Personally I'm not a fan of the quilted caviar on the boy bags at all. Can't wait to hear what you decide on :smile:
  3. I do not wait caviar boys either, lambskin all the way! So much better than calf.
  4. lambskin is the best material on the boy bag IMO!
  5. Calfskin hands down! I think you get the best of both worlds with calfskin...more durable than lamb, more luxurious than caviar. I have 4 boys and three of them are calfskin, one is lambskin. I use my calfskin boys much, much more and they still look brand new. I am not a fan of the caviar boys for some reason...
  6. I vote lambskin. It's so luxurious. It's also a lot more durable than one would think.
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    Thanks Lauren, I tried so hard to control myself as I just got the cf not long ago. Not really off from ban island yet. Why so hard? Haha...
  8. I have black calfskin quilted Boy that I use A LOT and it still looks brand new. Very durable.

  9. Thanks. I must say I am so tempt of the buttery look of the lambskin. You still have to baby it a bit right?? What make me hestitate is I have kids, so smooth calf probably easier for me to look after.

  10. Thanks. Is your calfskin boy still puffy and looking good at the flap corner?
    Stacy31, mind if I ask do you own any chevron calfskin or all your three calfskin are quilted boy. Thanks.
  11. The quilts were never super puffy to begin with, but they still look the same as when I purchased it. No indentations or flattening. The corners are still perfect; and I do not baby the bag, at all.

  12. I own two classic quilted boy bags, one lamb and one calf. I own one double stitched boy bag in calfskin and a chevron navy boy bag in calfskin.

  13. Thanks Stacy31.
    At the time when I had no luck with calf quilted boy, I went for cf instead. The current calf chevron boy did give me a hit. What do you think about your Chevron boy?

  14. Lol, Ban Island is the hardest Island to stay on and the only Island we're in a hurry to leave....If you really want the quilted Calfskin then hang tight and admire your beautiful classic flap every time the urge to buy gets too strong! I know, easier said then done :smile:
  15. This was my dilemma last month in Paris. In the end, I chose the quilted boy in lambskin. I have 5 cfs and they are all in caviar, so needless to say I'm a huge fan of caviar leather. However (and this is just personal taste), I find that the beauty of the boy is lost when it is in caviar leather. So that narrowed my choices to calfskin and lambskin. I haven't worn the boy yet so I can't speak to longevity but I have to say in terms of look, style and feel of the bag, the boy in lambskin ranks supreme. A lot of people who own lambskin love it and say that it is not as delicate as people think. So I think the lambskin quilted boy is the way to go.