Calfskin bowler or baby cabas?

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  1. Looking to buy my first Chanel! So, calfskin bowling bag or baby cabas? I didn't see any pics of the bowling bag on here, but this is it:
    I saw both in person today and loved both.
  2. I can't see the photo.
    Can you attach it instead of linking it?
    there's lots of bowling bags, want to see the one you want before giving my opinion! :biggrin:
  3. I had the bowler a few months ago but returned it because it seemed so blah. I think the baby cabas makes more of a statement for the money.
  4. Oops hope this works!
  5. I'd go for the round bowler, adorable.

    Im now getting the teal Baby cabas now too( I already have it in black-I adore it!)..Both bags are TDF..cant go wrong!
  7. Janicemph - this is the bowler you had a few months ago? The SAs at Nordstrom said it was brand spankin' new...
  8. ahh, I LOVE that bnowler but HAVE to HAVE shoulder bags only, so I have to pick Cabas by default!
  9. i love the bowler. it's adorable!
  10. What material is that bowler? How much is it?? I LOVE it!
  11. I like both. But the baby cabas is more me.
  12. Yes, the exact same bag. I got it at NM in Tampa. I posted the pics with my other chanel bags.
  13. Hey Janicemph - can you post a link to those pics? I was looking for pics of the bowling bag on this forum and couldn't find any. Thanks in advance!
  14. Do a search for Luxury Bowler and you'll find tons of pics!
  15. i prefer the bowler =)
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