Calf vs. Goat Leather.....

  1. I am interested in a particular bag that comes in either Calf or Goat Leather. The goat leather bag is $300 more in price, but I don't know enough about these 2 types of leather to make an educated decision. Can anyone shed some light about the differences in these two leathers????

    Thank you!
  2. Goat leather tends to be tougher. It also has a different texture. I'm not even sure how to describe it. The grain is more noticable, is I guess the best way to put it. The goat leather bags I have weren't any more expensive than calfskin and lambskin bags of the same designer (only with Botkier can I compare). I'm not sure why the goat would be more....anyone?
  3. I agree, goatskin tends to be tougher. Personally, I would go with calfskin because it's softer and is more pliable. If you want structure, then go with goatskin. I think both have equal tendency to scratch.
  4. and i always thought it's the other way round, haha! thanks for the education :smile:
  5. Please go with calf skin.
  6. Yes, I agree, calfskin is the way to go. Also, lambskin is super soft as is kidskin (but that is mainly footwear). I would not go for the goat skin, too thick and tough.
  7. I have to disagree about goat skin = structure. Nothing is less structured than a bbag, they melt into a pile when empty!
  8. I like the distressed look of goatskin on my Chanel: