Calf tightness during classes at the gym

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  1. I started doing the classes I always used to do at Gold's Gym. I don't think I'm doing anything that different but, I notice my calf getting really tight to the point where I have to stop. The only difference from before is that I weigh about 15 more lbs. than before. Would this difference in weight cause that much of a strain on my calves?
  2. its more likely that inactivity has had an affect on ur calves and not the additional weight. try stretching before and after
  3. Thanks. I'll try that.
  4. I've recently started running again after a loooong break (couple of years) and I've been having the same problem. I read that the calf cramps are usually caused by either some imbalance of sodium, potassium, and water in your body OR are caused by tiny tears in your muscles. I've you're eating relatively well, your pain is probably caused by these tears. I did a few things that have helped a lot

    - take a few days or a week off
    - warm up REALLY well before working out
    - use one of those foam rollers at the gym on your calves

    If you get a cramp, whatever you do, do NOT stretch until the cramp is completely gone. When your muscle cramps, it's spasming and stretching it when it's contracted in a spasm with only tear it.

    Good luck and feel better soon!
  5. Oh, I started getting that, too. It really is related to not stretching well. I played tennis tons and never hurt one bit, but the movements in tennis are diff. than say a step class. I almost had to stop in step since the last thing I wanted was a popped achilles. Try stretching really good, even when not "exercising" by ointing your toes and pulling them back whenever you are idle at work or whatnot. It has helped me a lot!!