Calf skin vs caviar?

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  1. Hi friends!

    I'm sorry if this is posted somewhere but couldn't find information-- what's the difference between calf skin and caviar? My friend says caviar is just grained calf. Is calf skin as durable as caviar?

    I wasn't sure if the calf was the "washed" that seemingly is coming out?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. The calf is a smoother finish but much more durable than lambskin. It comes in different finishes; it depends what season you're getting. I love calf and have found it to be very resistant to scratches etc. My everyday bag calfskin has held up great for a year with minimal wear showing.
  3. yes, caviar is a grained/pebbled form of calfskin. the leathers receive different types of finishes, so washed, iridescent, matte, patent, etc. are all forms of leather finishing. in general, the most durable is actually deerskin, and then goatskin, i believe, followed by calf, and then others. calfskin is very durable and great for everyday in comparison to lamb, which is more delicate and prone to scratches. caviar has a pebbled finish that makes it very durable as well, just not as smooth as calf.
  4. I'm new to calf leather Chanel's. Are they usually offered as seasonal items or are they also offered in the main classic flaps?
  5. It would be this season, and was just wondering if it would be durable since it looks smooth, like lambskin.
  6. Caviar is pebbled calf.

    Lamb is not as delicate as people think, it's just SOO soft and supple it seems vulnerable.
  7. Caviar is stamped calfskin. Like sausage.
    Grained calfskin is usually natural calfskin, also scratch resistant due to the grains.
    Some people including sales associates use the two interchangeably but there is a marked difference because one is natural and the other is stamped.

    To make caviar, any "grade" calfskin is prepared with chemicals and then softened and then the "stamp" is put on the surface to make the pebbling that looks like little round caviar nodes.

    Other examples of Stamped leather:
    Hermes Epsom
    Louis Vuitton Taiga
    Louis Vuitton Epi

    Other examples of grained calfskin:
    Hermes clemence
    Louis Vuitton Taurillon

    CHANEL examples of grained leather:
    Chanel Executive Cerf tote
    Chanel Luxury Ligne

    There was a time when caviar due to its "inferior" position in the food chain was priced at lower than lambskin in the classics. Then noticing the higher demand for caviar, Chanel evened out the pricing. Caviar was $200 less.
  8. I remember that. Now Chanel could probably charge more for caviar!
  9. Thank you so much for this! Very informative, I always assumed caviar and grained calfskin were the same

  10. Excellent explanation and examples! Thank you :smile:
  11. Thank you for the explanations!!

    A to throw another one out.. how is sheepskin compared to calf and lambskin? Does it fall in between?