Calf Nightingale in the rain

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  1. I recently got a new grained black calfskin Nightingale (mens) and haven't worn it yet.

    I want to wear it these days and it's raining so I wanna know what are your impressions on rain and this kind of leather, would you recommend it?

    I haven't impregnated the leather with anything, as the matter of fact, my SA at the Paris G boutique told me not to spray my bag with anything so I didn't. It actually confused me because I've read here that Collonil waterstop is used to treat this kind of leather.

    I wanna wear it and it looks like it can withstand a few drops of rain due to the grainy finish of the leather and colour (black).

    The closeup photo of the leather is below, what do you think?

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  2. Understandable that the SA told you that. I swear by Collonil Waterstop. I have not had any issues with it on my Gbags. There is video of a TPFr who sprayed her Mulberry and let water RUN off her bag. Insane sight! I would feel fairly safe wearing a black bag in the rain but I assure you, I would never allow it to get seriously wet. You just don't know how it will feel after the rains dries. This one looks like it can take a few drops.

    If this bag were mine, I would test some Waterstop on the bottom panel. Allow to dry about a week. Check the leather. Flick some water and watch it bead.
  3. Dear hrhsunshine,

    Thank you for the answer, I did it and it works flawlessly!! Rain literally drops off the bag. Collonil is awesome!

    I wanted to ask you do you use the Collonil waterstop to protect all of your bags (even ones that are lighter)? Because I've got a beautiful buttery soft calf Fendi Lui bag and am a bit afrait to spray it because of the colour. Will it darken or become more harder?

    In addition to that, do you think that the spray is safe to use on log runs? I ask that because I've read here that it actually can harm the leather in the long term applications.

    Mine experience is awesome but I do feel a thin squeaky layer of something on the leather after spraying it. Like it has something on top (which I think is natural because there is a thin layer of silicones on top to waterproof the bag).
  4. So glad it worked well for you! Yes, that layer you feel was on my bags too but it goes away after a short while. Give it a nice wiping with a soft towel and use the bag and you won't feel that after a bit.

    I have not noticed any negative effects and I have had it sprayed on my bags for about two years. I have sprayed on taupe colored leather and see no shifts in color. All my treated bags feel supple and smooshy with no residues etc.

    Collonil is a great quality product and I think you will be very happy with it as I have been.