Calf Leather Wallet/ZC colors

  1. I am still fairly new to MJ, but my collection has been growing by the week :wtf:, and up til now I've only been collecting handbags for the most part (with the exception of my black ZC). I'm crazy over matching wallets and bags, and was just wondering if MJ wallets and zip clutches come in as many colors as the handbags.

    In another words--if I am looking for a matching wallet or ZC to a calf leather bag in color X, would there definitely be a color X wallet or ZC that was made? (I wouldn't want to go on a rampage searching for a particular color wallet or ZC if doesn't even exist to begin with.. 'cause then I'll just be a silly MJ noob :p). Thanks girls!
  2. Most soft calf colors came with matching wallets.... at least as far back as fall 04. I'm sure there are earlier colors, but I can't seem to think of any at the moment. You could always try calling the MJ boutique to see if the color is still available in their central computer/warehouse(sometimes they have old backstock).

    Which particular color are you looking for?

    I find that I love contrasting my wallets to my bags.. for example, my most versatile ZC color is Emerald fall 06. The green works well with most colors so I don't need to always switch out.
  3. well i am currently looking for something to match my wine Stella, but as I add more bags to my collection, I will probably look to find a matching wallet to go with each. I know I can always mix and match, but I like to collect stuff too (even if I don't end up using them much :p)
  4. Hmm... wine may be hard to find. To be honest, I don't think they made a ZC in that color, but I could be wrong.
  5. Today when I was at Neimans, the SA told me they had a zc in a color that she described first as purple, then as 'wine'. I didn't actually look at it (it was not on display) but I'm guessing maybe it's bordeaux, which is kind of a 'wine-y" color?