calf box other than black

  1. Sorry if I say sometning silly, but I think I would love calf box and I was wondering if calf box comes in other colors than black and if anybody have birkin in calf box.
    I would love to see pictures of calf box
  2. Hi Costa....yes Box comes in other colors too. Rouge H, Brown, Potiron, Orange....lot's of colors.

    For quick reference, you can check eBay and also the Members Items listings. That's always fun. I need to do an updated Family Pic for it which I just might do today!
  3. it comes in a LOT of colours and i adore box calf fabulous leather !
    out of my head i remember these colours

    -vert anis
    -marron fonce

    there are more but sorry it is late :Push:
  4. ^^^Would like to add vert fonce, indigo, and navy.
  5. WOW!!!! after the one I am in list for, I think i will have a calf box.:heart: How about thalassa? Or maybe chocolate? Does this two colors get a good patina?
    Witch color would you expert suggest?
  6. Box, in general, will develop a patina. Color? Well, I'd check your wardrobe, look at the color swatches above and decide. Thalassa you may have a hard time acquiring. Chocolate is a great neutral.
  7. i have yet to see a box bag that has NOT aged bad regardless what colour they all look gorgeous. personally i love raisin on box very sassy yet elegant and soo rich :love: but just go with what makes your heart jump you can´t do wrong
  8. I've also seen box calf in frambois:nuts:
  9. I have a rouge vif box leather Kelly...should post a pic already!!
  10. Fambois?:girlsigh:
    I would love to touch a calf purse:heart:
  11. CHOCOLATE!!! Or Rouge H gets my vote!
  12. I've seen it in an agenda and a scarf ring. Frambois box calf definitely has more of a pinkish tone to it. I wish box calf would come in rose shocking or fuchsia though, frambois doesn't go with my skin tone.
  13. Does calf smells good? I love the smell of rodeo leather...
  14. dianagrace that was amazing. you are amazing. thank you for 4 minutes of bliss!