1. i'm looking for a new calendar/agenda book for my purse. what do you girls/guys use? post pics if possible. thankies :smile:
  2. I use my Blackberry :p I know LV has some nice agendas, though. You can get them in nearly all the prints- mono, damier, damier azur...
  3. I have the LV small ring agenda - I love it - worth every penny. It's very durable & has card slots which I like. I've had mine a few yrs now & it shows no wear at all. Refills, note pages, etc are readily available. Pic is from eluxury.

  4. My very first piece of LV was the Monogram LV medium Agenda. I loved that agenda, I am a calendar/agenda type of person. It went everywhere with me to the beach to Vegas. LOVE IT!!! Showed no wear and tear what so ever! Then when I started going back to school, I need something bigger to use so I bought the Large agenda. It is quite a big difference in size. The big is BIG!! I have no complaints with it except it will weigh down my purse more then the medium due to the size you need a big bag and the other thing is the pages for the planner they are vertical for each day instead of block layout (hope that makes sense). But nonetheless I love both agenda's you can't go wrong with a LOUIS!!
  5. it doesn't really matter the w/ the color or fabric...just as long as its cute. i was thinking about the lv agenda, but i don't think that the pink is available anymore :sad:
  6. i love my Filofax! check out the site.... .....they have an impressive variety of refills and accessories!:tup:
  7. that one is cute, but i think it may be a little bit too big for the bag that i'm carrying. i have the speedy 30, but i don't want something that is big that it weighs it down. my purse is already heavy. i need to clean it out.

  8. I have an apple green mini signature one from Coach with brown leather trim. It goes in all of my bags, so its just thrown in there with all of my other junk, and its been very durable. I love the green, I did get mine at the outlet, I'm pretty sure that its an outlet-only color. I do prefer bright colors, they're easier to spot in my bags than black or brown.
  9. The Coach ones are cute - the only thing I hate about them is the insert. It seems awkward & flimsy - I much prefer the 3 ring binder style like LVs. And unlike a 3 ring binder - my 3 rings all still work & close perfectly. I always hated how pages got stuck & torn in 3 ring binders way back in my school yrs.
  10. that's the one i have!!!! i love it!!!
  11. Me Too!! What color did you get? I got it at a store in my area and they only had red or black so I got the red. I really love the tangerine and the green but have adjusted nicely to the red and I am SO happy! I didn't realize they sell pens for the mini online but I found a small pen (telescoping) at Office Max that does the job just fine. Anyway, Capsula, enjoy your mini finsbury and good luck to anyone else who joins us in this purchase.
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