1. Does anyone have any pictures of the color calcaire? I saw a couple pictures and was interested in buying the bag but it seems to be either an a) unwanted color or b) rare as heck :sad: Maybe you guys could give me some insight...thoughts, pics, opinions?
  2. OMG!
    Calcaire is my favorite colour ever in Balenciaga productions, so on my opinion if you could find one, BUY IT! :smile:

    I have both City and Twiggy and :heart::heart: Calcaire!

    Here is pic of my Calcaires :smile:
  3. I don't see the pics.. maybe it takes a bit to upload. I would definitely be interested in seeing the city, was it hard to find?

    Edit: also, does anyone have the autumn white or ivory from this year?
  4. calaire is my fav colour too
    will take a pic for u tonight!
  5. Here is a photo of my calcaire city - love the bag! [​IMG]
  6. Meggie, apologies I forgot to attach the pic when I posted :noggin::whistle::blush: *oops

    Like in the piccie, my twiggy is so much pinkier than City IRL

    Hope this helps :smile:
  7. Not sure why my pic does not upload now...

    Lemme try again...
  8. Calcaire is gorgeous! One of the prettiest ever made by Balenciaga. If you can find one in great condition, get it. I have a Box, had a City and sold it and still regret it and will probably end up one day getting another City.
  9. Aki, I didn't realize what a growing Bal collection you had :nuts:

    Have you forsaken Chloe's completely??:p

    And what lovely color is that firt??? :graucho:
  10. Love this color, i carry my calaire city everyday~~!!!
  11. Calcaire is a really lovely color and it goes with a lot of outfits. I don't see it pop up too much on eBay. I just saw a pic today of Christan Aguilera wearing her Calcaire bag.
  12. I had a Calcaire city and sold it but really loved the color, very pretty. I was just afraid of the light color and that it may yellow on me with time. Good Luck with your search.
  13. Why don't many people have it, is it rare to find? Was it rare in the first place? Which of the more neutral and offwhite colors are the most easy to find?

    I don't want a bright white bag, but more of an off white, ivory, or calcaire color.. does anyone know when that ivory color will be hitting the stores?

    I went today to Neiman Marcus and found a natural work, but I want a city... do they make those?

    Thanks for the lovely pictures, they're all taunting me because I can't find one!!!
  14. Hmwe, I can say I am sated with Chloe now :p though I still keep my 05 Choc and 06 Whisky *dont think I ever have guts to let go of them cos the leather are so nice :smile:

    Yeah, I have to say I caught the Bal virus, I can't stop! :push:

    The First is the lovely 04 Lilac, was such an impulse buy that day..but :heart: it!

    Do you still have your blanc Paddy?
    From what I remember, that's the only Paddy left with you? *want to see your updated collection (both Bal and Chloe :graucho:)
  15. I think a lot of TPFer have Calcaire
    I am not sure whether it was hard to obtain one when it was released in 2005 as I only started to collect Bbags just recently this year..
    As for me personally, it was quite a long time to find one in a good condition as you know Calcaire is a light colour very prone to get dirty easier...

    If you want a neutral colour, another option to Calcaire is white or ivory..I don't think it is hard to obtain white..ivory should be hitting the store already by now..try Diabro..they already have ivory out..

    Yes, they do make ivory in city cos I've seen few TPF bought one already..

    Don't give up hope...the perfect calcaire will pop up for you! it took me ages to find my first calcaire (twiggy) then my 2nd calcaire (city) just pop up out of nowhere and I bought it at instant!
    It will turn up when it's least expected :smile:

    Good luck!