Calcaire weekender fron lvlady99...BIN $1299

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  1. OH NO!


    I'm just gonna keep telling myself how dirty it will get.

    Yep, thats its...its gonna get sooo dirty.

    Okay... I feel better. I cant look at it....aaarrrgghhh!
  2. ^^That's what I keep telling myself too Donna!

    Why does it have to be so perfect & beautiful???
  3. :noggin: Girls, IT WILL GET DIRTY....repeat after me...


    Is it working???:amuse:
  4. pretty pretty bag... but it'll go dirty by me :p
    one extreme reason for me not to splurge on another weekender :yes:
  5. ^^Sea~ I was thinking of you!!!
  6. zac, i think of myself too :roflmfao:
    this is soooo cool! but i promised my self, my next weekender is going to be from darker shades :p
  7. Sorry~ mistake!
  8. ^^ lol, yes, sea, think chocolate!!! :wlae: :heart: :drool:
  9. Wow, she listed alot of good stuff!! :drool:
  10. oh good lord, that's a gorgeous bag. :drool:

    and i'd rough it up in 3.5 seconds flat. that's my story and i'm sticking to it. (i hope this is helping me from continuously peeking at the listing)
  11. it is torture!