Calcaire Shoulder from Donna

  1. Another beauty, Donna...

    Off topic...Nanaz, are you still hunting for an Ink City?
  2. Thanks for remembering tiramisu, that is very sweet of you.:heart: :tender: I gave up on the Ink color. Bbags has made me so fickle.:upsidedown: Every day i fall in love with a new color and style.:p
  3. can someone tell me if its really Calcaire or pale pink? Its light so I cant tell since I dont know what a new calcaire looks like. I contacted lvlady, she sold it as Calcaire. darn.
  4. I think its pink and not Calcaire. She said I could send it back. So I cancelled the listing. dammit.
  5. Donna, did you decide to send it back? It looked like a really lovely color.
  6. No I havent yet. I am getting mixed answers on it. Some say calcaire, some say Pink. The seller I bought it form said I could send it back, but she wont pay for my return shipping. Thats what I get for another impulse buy. Its really pretty though. I pulled my auction though, I dont want someone to buy it if they think its Calcaire and its really pink. oh well.