Calcaire or Rouille

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  1. Does anyone know if calcaire is still available in the City? What color IS calcaire? Also, does anyone have pics or a link to a rouille (the new orange/rust color) bag? :huh:
  2. i like them bolth.
  3. I saw the photos of the calcaire...but is it a light pink or an off-white? Is it still available anywhere? The orange looks really nice! I am thinking of grenat for this fall, too...
  4. I had the 2006 calcaire in a City and then returned it for the Ink (I feared getting it dirty and figured Ink was safer for me in that way). It is not 'white white'.. I thought it had more of a greyish undertone to it. It is very pretty. The burnt orange (rust) color I have not seen in person but the SA who helps me said it is very pretty (I've heard mixed reviews on it).
  5. The calcaire is 2006? Do you know if anyone still has it available? I have the ink (it arrived yesterday), but if I can sell my blanc Chloe pocket I might replace it with calcaire.
  6. When I called Bal Harbour NM last week trying to find the origan (Myra or Lorena are nice), they had a white one. The NM stores that I know for sure carry Balenciaga (I called them all... hahaha) are King of Prussia, Paramus, White Plains, Bal Harbour, Palm Beach, Short Hills, & San Francisco. San Diego had a few but don't normally carry them (they said they only get them in if it is a return). Anyhow, I bet Myra or Lorena would find you one if they don't still have on there.
  7. Thanks! I will try to give them (Myra or Lorena) a call tomorrow. Was it the City size?
  8. I'm pretty sure it was the City because I asked them what colors they still had in the City (they also said they had the very pale pink). The Twiggy style is especially nice in the white and is also a very cute style. Happy hunting!
  9. Calcaire is Fall 2005. It's a off-white color and in certain lights has a pinkish tinge. Ebay may be a place to get it? There was a Calcaire in the Work (or was it voyage?) on eBay just a little while back. Very pretty!! I love mine. Here's another pic for reference. Oh yeah, and calcaire had nice leather in my opinion.

  10. Thanks Golden, I will call them and see if they still have it...and thanks also to Murasaki! Do you think yours has a pink cast to it? It looks a bit pink in the photo. Would it go with greys and browns? Have you had trouble with color transfer or keeping it clean?
  11. ET - the posts above about Bal Harbour NM are talking about the new White unfortunately - this one is dead white and completely different than the Calcaire. And I'm sure Bal Harbour only has that White too - they had a Box, a Twiggy, a Hobo and a Work recently. Same with all the other Neimans too - all will have the plain White.

    The Calcaire will be very difficult to locate anywhere other than eBay. And even there, I haven't seen many pop up - when they do, they're gone pretty quickly. It was a really pretty and unique color and the leather on most of them was lovely.
  12. I guess it will then depend on whether you are interested in the 05 or 06 calcaire. The 05 appears to have the pinkish undertone whereas the spring 06 is white but with more of a grey undertone. Atelier.naff said this about the calcaire:
    White has been released multiple times, with some variations in brightness, undertones, etc. [2006 Calcaire is not considered "white"].

    Good luck & let us know what you finally end up with!
  13. Cricket (UK) has a "nude" shoulder this like the calcaire? And do they ship to the U.S.? Are their bags authentic?

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