Calcaire First!!!

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  1. purrrrty!!!!
  2. :love: :love: :love:
    Gorgeous! Thanks for posting, Roxane! :flowers:
  3. Why it is not a twiggy????
    But is gorgeous!
  4. I'm dying for a calcaire first.
  5. Go get it Tanja. Her opening bid is only USD675, which is sooooo reasonable, especially for such a rare bag, unlike so many sellers today. Let's just hope she doesn't raise her opening bid; that would make everyone so mad!
  6. put a bid on it- then the can't raise the price...
  7. Ooooh I'm dreaming of this one, thanks Roxane..!! :biggrin:
  8. Oh no, I asked for buy it now price and it's 975$ - so I'll just try bidding:s Wish me luck!!!
  9. Good Luck sonja! i read about you wanting a calcaire first in another subforum.. and wanted to tell you THERE that there's one on eBay.. but you alreayd know! =)
  10. Waterfalls thanks for remembering...!! Here I am, Roxane was faster this time:biggrin:
  11. I hope you get it Sonja. It is a lovely bag, and the condition is wonderful too. Funny thing about getting stuff sent through regular postal service is that I have only been taxed *once*. At other times, even though the seller puts down the full value of the bag, it always gets through without any tax. The only one time I was taxed, the seller put it down as a gift with a low value (below the tax-exempt limit), but Customs would not release it until I showed the paperwork from eBay, after which I got taxed. I guess I was lucky all the other times.
  12. ...Thanks for the tips Roxane :smile: I hope I'll win and get it without taxes & customs here - sometimes they really do go thru customs without paying, I've had the same experienxe earlier so it propably was sent via regular post service then :biggrin:
  13. I just saw that yesterday.
    So pretty!!
    Hope you get it!!
  14. Good luck, Sonja! She is very beautiful!
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