Calcaire First - I want one so bad!

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  1. Hey Girls,

    After extensively researching this issue, I've decided that my first balenciaga HAS to be a calcaire first:heart:

    But they are hard to come by!

    If anyone comes across one... perhaps in an obscure ebay listing... and doesn't want it themselves, could they please let me know? Meanwhile I'll keep trawling through ebay.

    Here's hoping...
  2. good luck with your search...
  3. Good luck there is a calcaire city on ebay (check Achtung) right now!
  4. Thanks CatCat. I did see that one, but I'm a bit of a runt. When I hold the measurements of a city bag against myself it looks a bit too big.

    I know this will not be my last b bag (when I eventually find it)! I have loved them for ages, but have been slowly working myself up to spending that much on a bag. You know how every purchase makes the next one more easy to justify :graucho:
  5. It might look big because you're imagining the City size as a hard structured bag against your body when it really is a soft and slouchy bag due to the soft goat leather. IRL, it's smaller than it really seems. :yes:
  6. I will keep my eyes peeled :search:
  7. In all honesty the city is not the much bigger than the first. I thought the city was huge before I bought one and was really surprised at how much smaller it was then what I had imagined. It is wide and it holds quite a bit more but 3 inches taller really isn't that much.

    Anyway if I see a first I will let you know!!
  8. I don't think a city would be too big for anyone, but if you are comfortable with small bags and don't carry much then firsts are perfect. I haven't seen a calcaire first in a long time, but I'll keep a lookout for you and PM you if I see one! Good luck with your search!
  9. goodluck!