Calcaire Day/Hobo SB 449, BIN 499!

  1. The bag in the pics looks authentic but she described it as calf skin leather:confused1: ... that's what most fakes are made with. It's such a great deal though (if it's the real thing).
  2. just a few too many neg feedbacks for me....:nuts:
  3. her feedbacks raised a couple of red flags for me too, but it seems she have sold some authentic goods, maybe she's one of those who doesn't pay attention to the details(regarding the calf skin leather Q)?
  4. Feedback suggests alot of items were in worse condition than stated. I would hate to see what this bag actually looks like really. It appears there is some dirt near one end of the zipper - I emailed and asked if there were any other spots besides on the lower left:

    she emailed back - bag is sold as is. FH (forgetta bout her) I also asked for more pics. None offered. who wants to risk that? might be worth it - might be filthy - with no hope - then what?
  5. She's been posting a few Bbags lately - anyone here bought from her?
  6. This bag is not Calcaire, it's '05 white which is an off-white (grey undertones) color. Calcaire's paper card will read 2005 3 for the F/W line.
  7. I thought Calcaire is from the pre collection that year and not the collection, thus 1? Am I confused here?