Calcaire Day...great price!

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  1. I've been looking at this. Should I buy it?? I'd love a calcaire first in this condition, but the chances of finding one are zilch. I don't want to look like I'm carrying a big white 'thing'.
  2. Please do so,I think it's amazing and in great condition a wonderful color for spring as well as summer....I am so tempted but must resist!:sweatdrop:
  3. Calcaire is the next color on my list too.
    Holding out on the one in a zillion chance that a box may pop up. Eventually.
    This one is really pretty. Beautiful for the spring!!
  4. That bag is lovely! Excellent price too!
  5. Great price...theriver go get it before someone else does.
  6. Yeah go for it River!! Although this one would look really nice on your bbag tree CatCat! :lol:
  7. What a gorgeous bag at an amazing price. I don't mean to egg anyone on, but...GO FOR IT!!!!

  8. I know :P .So if you want to give it to me for christmas feel free...:yes: :shame: !
    Ohhhhhh I really want it please anybody get it!!!:sweatdrop:
  9. Congrats Becca! Catcat, you can switch your computer back on now.... :P
    I was tempted too... argh. But waiting for my Camel Day to see first if style suits me.... one at a time i guess!
  10. Thank you! I was between this and the bordeaux city. I am now officially on a purse ban forever, as I just received two Chloe Edith's from the big Aloha Rag sale, as well as an awesome damier speedy 30 from a lovely pf'r. I seriously need to be stopped!!! :Push:
  11. :sweatdrop: Congrats Becca!
  12. Thanks for the encouragement girls and congratulations becca!! That was a fantastic bag. I decided that I am going to save all my doosh for an elusive yellow or marigold. I won't feel so bad if I spend double retail now, given I didn't go for this one.

    Cripes it was hard though!
  13. Congrats Becca :yahoo:Happy for you, this one is a beauty too.:nuts: