Calcaire City

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  1. Is it real cause I am gonna bid on it.. once the seller gets back to me.
  2. i love my calcaire but i wish mine was that clean again :sad:
  3. It's so pretty and tempting...nat attack does it get dirty very easily? Is it hard to clean?

    But I think I have enough light colors :smile:....I was thinking of selling my 05 white city in perfect condition for a calcaire, because I'm too scared of the pristine white.....but maybe I'll wait a while to do so...
  4. It looks ok to me, but you should ask the seller for some pics of the bales and rivets, and a clearer shot of the silver tag. I forgot to mention the minor marks on my initial post (mirror and bottom of the bag), but fortunately, she already noted that in her description.
    Good luck! :smile:
  5. calcaire is such a lovely color:heart: it was my first balenciaga and i use the heck out of it. bad thing is i never clean the bag so it's in a pretty bad shape. i think if you take good care of it (not throwing it around like i do) then you dont have to worry about it. i dont think it's hard to take care of but i never took care of it:sad: if i had money i'd buy me another one!:flowers:
  6. aww, thanks! Yes, I did ask her for more pics. hope all goes well. I really want the taupe city from 2004/2005 one of those years but I know they don't make it anymore.
  7. *sigh* gorgeous!
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