Calcaire city! WOW!

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  1. oh no. just shoot me now.

    I knew she had this one and I BEGGED her to sell it to me 2 months ago, when I had some extra cash.

    yep, go ahead...pull the trigger and just end my misery.
  2. oh donna! why didn't she sell it to you 2 mths ago?

    this seller is really lovely and nice. I have bought from her before and she's one of the greatest! really chatty too! keke
  3. I just dont think she was ready to sell it. She was probably trying to hold onto it as long as she could...with obvious good reason! look at that damn thing! yikes!

    I want it.
  4. That bag is gorgeous! If I didn't already have a Calciare City I could not resist hitting BIN on that beauty! :love:
  5. donna, go for it!!!!! email her and ask for a lower price! i got a feeling she will do it, just because she's super friendly and flexible about stuff.

    i love this color...such a subtle pink shine to it...i remember her telling me about her calcaire it doesn't show wear as easily as other light colored bags.
  6. hmmm, what to do, what to do....if I a couple of more of my eBay items sell, I could probably buy it without too much out of pocket. I have a balance in my paypal account so that will help. I emailed the seller to ask if her price was firm.

    wasnt someone supposed to shoot me? still waiting.
  7. wow WHAT a lovely bag!!!!!! :heart::drool::heart: Would SO SO love one of those myself...:love:
  8. Good luck Donna. That is a freakin' amazing bag:drool: :drool:
  9. maybe ask her if you could bid on it or BIN, pay her deposit and pay the rest a bit later when u get the money ? that worked with me perfectly one or two times, sellers were more than understanding ..maybe thats a solution ?:yes:

    good luck hun !
  10. good luck donna!

    awaiting for your good news...
  11. Beautiful indeed!
  12. OMG that bag is so lovely. :drool:
  13. I hope a PFer gets it. It is stunning!
  14. this is one yummy bag.