Calcaire City ... please tell me I do not need this bag.

  1. Dear lord that's gorgeous. OF COURSE you need it!!! :yes: If I weren't on the purse ban wagon I'd consider it myself! I've always adored calcaire.
  2. you do not need that bag!! I need that bag! Lucky for you I'm on a ban!
  3. What a gorgeous color!!! Someone needs that bag!!! NOW!!!!
  4. Isn't it beautiful? The caramel flat brass, the Calcaire and Trama's rose all on eBay at once. Where does it end? I want them all and I haven't even gotten my eggplant yet. I beyond thrilled at getting the eggplant, I can't wait!!! :yahoo:
  5. When it rains, it pours!!! I only wish it was the same with my bank account. If I could time it perfectly with B-bag availability, I'd be set! :love:
  6. It looks brand new! I am so glad there is no buy it now. I could not have resited. :tender:
  7. *sigh* i've always wanted to add some calcaire into my collection!
  8. Wow!! That is lovely!!
  9. that's in excellent condition too, someone is going to get lucky!
  10. ~gulp~ I made her an offer. yikes.
  11. I'm sad in selling this one.... It is my favourite :heart:

    Monday I have won a calcaire box on I have paid and
    the seller has said to me that Internet was not working at her house and that she was going to send the bag ... From wednesday I do not have more news....
    I think i have been swindled :confused1: and I need to sell the Calcaire City....
    The girl lives in London in Ladbroke Grove... I would like to be in London and to make her a beautiful visit ...
    If it is even true that Internet does not work and she cannot answer to me there are internet points when she can goes..:hysteric:
    I'm so sad:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  12. OH, l_b....maybe there's a reason she has not responded but hopefully she sent your bag already. I hope everything goes well for you and you get your bag. How long has it been since you paid for it? Keep us posted and good luck :flowers:
  13. I have paid on tuesday...
  14. Well, it hasn't been that long so hopefully it is on it's way!! What payment method did you use?
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