Calcaire City on eBay!

  1. Thanks winona! This color is starting to grow on me.
  2. have a bag with the similar color, just love it...
  3. I just sold my first. The color is really great, not as "pink" as you'd think once you see it. It really is the greatest "bone" color... with a hint of pink if you really look!

    Also, the hardware looks AMAZING against it!!
  4. is the city the medium size?
  5. Yes.

  6. :yes: :biggrin:
  7. Thanks for the heads up looks gorgeous!
  8. It's lovely :heart: *hides credit card* :P Not a bad BIN price, either.
  9. Cristina, I'm right behind you *cutting up credit cards and leaving house*. It's soooo lovely, it's making me weep.
  10. Arrrghhh wish it's the First!! So... pretty... *cut up cc & go to corner and cry*
  11. :lol: You girls crack me up!:lol:
  12. The pics are so dark you can't see the true condition of the bag - I think the handles look dirty.
  13. The bottom edges are VERY dirty.
  14. Hmm...judging from the picture of the inside of the bag...the handles LOOK relatively clean but I can't be too too sure. I have a calcaire and the handles are the first to get dirty and almost impossible to clean :mad:

    It's currently at $399.00 with 2 days left. If it really is authentic it's an awesome buy!!