Calcaire City: Finally!

  1. Emily ( Cougess) [​IMG] !!!!

    Just received it....
    This bag is simply to die for ...
    The leather is unbelievable........soft and yummy!
    I waited 2 months to have it but now i'm heaven!

    DSC00633.JPG DSC00631.JPG DSC00630.JPG DSC00629.JPG DSC00632.JPG
  2. Yippeee! She's beautiful - congrats l_b. Did you have to pay tax on delivery?
  3. hottt! and in great condition too, for a calcaire.
  4. Truly beautiful! :heart:
  5. Yes i did.. but only 100€ .. i expected to pay 200€
  6. Wow, that's excellent. Glad you finally got her and that you're happy! I love the colour!
  7. Very sweet color.Enjoy!!
  8. [​IMG] [​IMG]

  9. Gorgeous bag........
  10. oohhh, love it! congratulations :yahoo:
  11. gorgeous color love it !
  12. Hey! *HAPPY* *HAPPY* *HAPPY*

    That is truly a beautiful quality of leather. Much nicer than the 06 greige I have seen in real life. Congratulations!

    I have just bought a bag from someone in honk kong and I hope I won't have any problems with customs...
  13. I have bought also the greige.. the leather is not so bad but not so lovely as this calcaire..
  14. OOooooooooo I Looooveee this one! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Congrats l_b!!! It's very pretty & definitely worth all the wait!
  15. Congrats!!!! Its so pretty!!!!!!