Calcaire City 899. BIN or make offer

  1. ^Yeah, that one ended for some reason...not sure why. Pretty bag though...definitely thinking about it!
  2. BIN now down to $799!
  3. I can't figure out that color. Is it light pink? Beige? Ivory? It almost looks like a dingy white but it's probably the pics. Off to search for calcaire pics on TPF.:yes:
  4. ^Calcaire is's off white with really pale pink undertones. It's actually one of my favorite light colors!
  5. Is it really hard to keep clean? I reeeealy like this bag!
  6. it's definitely a beautiful colour, nowhere near as high maint. as the white, but i wouldn't put it on the ground. Go for it TT, it's a great colour!
  7. Thanks for posting this, guys ... it's my bag. I just am such a newbie at selling on eBay! I had to end the first one because I thought I had to start over to change certain options. Turns out I probably could have just revised it!
  8. Good luck on the sale, fiatflux. It's a wonderful color.
  9. Woah, now that I know who the seller is, I'm seriously tempted! But I seriously need to save some cashola. Good luck Fiatflux.
  10. Good luck fiatflux, very pretty bag!
  11. Gorgeous Fiat! I'm so glad to know it's yours
  12. It's SOOOOOO pretty!!
    And what a steal of a price too!!!
  13. Beautiful bag, fiat! I looove calcaire. And it looks like ArtBag did a great job.

    That mysterious red x in the pocket... I wonder what that means? I got a Bottega Veneta bag from eBay with the same thing!