Cakes From Every State

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  1. [​IMG]

    i like THIS one.
  2. Great thread! But shoudn't it be from every state and country, since the whole world loves purses and cake, and comes here to discuss both?
  3. My favorites: Tennessee and California. I can't imagine how long it must have taken to make those cakes. They are works of art!
  4. Wow, here's my home state, not what I was expecting?

    Maybe a few more mountains, moss or pinecones, LMAO!! Still, it's cute!
  5. New Hampshire, Vermount, Wisconsin and Wyoming are all my faviourites:biggrin:
    Great thread:smile:
  6. [​IMG]
    Texas (Hometown) Wasn't what I was expecting

  7. This is fun. I love the one from Nevada, so Vegas.. What's up with California, very nicely done tho.. lol

  8. my state (ny) was kinda disappointing. but hawaii was AMAZING!! some of them were so creative. it was kind of cool to know the personalities of some of these couples just by a cake
  9. I do cakes mainly for fun, but for a little $$$ too and I know through a website a couple of the bakers. These were submitted to the magazine and the magazine chose which ones to post. Some are done by culinary trained bakers, others are smaller/lesser known bakers.

    And I'll tell you ONE THING, MOST cake decorators pay more attention to looks than taste and LOTS of things put on cakes that are "edible" shouldn't be eaten because they aren't approved by the FDA for human consumption. I was also appalled at the number of people who use cake mixes including most bakeries!

    But the ONE THING most people don't get is why they are so expensive, but once you make one of these bigger cakes yourself, you'll never ask that question again. First, it takes HOURS to mix, bake, assemble and ice those cakes - and then decorate. There's also more to ingredients with fillings and separators and support structures etc.

    I do organic cakes and for an 8" round cake with all butter buttercream (no fake fats), just the ingredients and supplies (cake box, foil, plate) costs anywhere from $15 to $25 and MINIMUMALLY a cake with simple decorations takes 3 hours from start to finish and usually closer to 4-5 hours for a birthday sized cake.
  10. I love New Hampshire & Whoming's cakes:biggrin:

  11. wow, hawaii's cake, its ....... Elvis in Blue Hawaii....LOL!

    I'd eat it, oh yes I would!!!

  12. I love that Kansas cake!!
  13. Wow, just saw this thread. Delaware looks like my wedding cake.
    Oregon is kinda weird! :lol:


    This one looks like it's right up my alley! :biggrin:

  14. omg the cakes are all so beautiful and creative!
    except california ): which is where im from
    new mexico's was SO cute! tennesee's was SO interesting!
    wow that was fun
  15. From Maryland...
    DUFF you rule!!!

    The very famous CHARM CITY CAKES!!!
    Definitely the Chanel and Gucci of z cakes... should have seen that work of ART!!!
    Page through his gallery and you will see what I mean!

    They are out of this world especially the french buttermilk (I think their custom flavor that my boss orders every X'mas)..... TDF!

    Check him out from z food network.

    First cake is called the Maryland.

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