Cakes From Every State

  1. Oh, that was fun! I wonder who came up with the designs, the baker or the couple getting married?

    And all those choices of fillings too! I always thought wedding cakes came in yellow with butter cream frosting!
  2. Wow! THe Delaware cake is really beautiful and beachy!
  3. Kansas is gorgeous too!
  4. My state (Michigan) had the booklovers! Very cool. Some of those cakes were absolutely amazing. Thanks for posting!
  5. It really is! I thought to myself how perfect it was b/c the Delaware beaches are so popular!
  6. these are some pretty cool cakes. i liked most of the cakes from the states beginning with the letter M.
  7. All of them were pretty in their own ways!
  8. I like the Ohio cake. (I live in Pennsylvania, but I just like the style of the Ohio one best.) They're all really pretty though. Worthy of purchasing for a special event.
  9. I think so too, but it would just kill me to be the one to have to slice those gorgeous creations!;)
  10. ^^^ Not me! I would be happy to cut and eat any of those delicious looking cakes!

    I do a little baking. A few of the cakes wouldn't hard to make, like the orchid-bamboo one from Hawaii.

    The bookslovers cake was one of my favorites, too!

    I just copied about 20 of the pics to my computer. Thanks for the post!
  11. Wow, they are all so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
  12. I really like the designs of massachusetts, nebraska, new jersey, new york(how cute are those little birds!), virginia(yea, I am a little biased), and delaware. They are all so unique. I want some cake really bad now.
  13. My state (california) was kinda
  14. Oh Wow! Those were beautiful cakes - too beautiful to eat lol but I bet they taste amazing!

    For some reason they remind of those crazy hats that were posted in another thread..