Cakebread Cabernet Sauvignon

  1. I personally love Cakebread Cabernet Sauvignon but its so hard to find here in Vancouver. Can anyone suggest another wine with a similar taste to Cakebread?


  2. Yes... thank you for the link HubbaWubba.

    Cakebread just so hard to come by around here, I heard from my local wine store that they get it in once in awhile but as soon as they come in loads of restuarants snap it up right away.

    That why I'm looking for a substitute for Cakebread.... Any suggestions for another label of Cabernet Sauvignon that you can give me?

    Thank you!!!
  3. Alrighty then. LOL Two that I also like are Silver Oak Cabernet and Far Niente Cabernet. Both are really good.
  4. I love Cakebread too. Can you order directly from the winery? Illinois doesn't have any restrictions, Washington may.
  5. Thanks everyone....
  6. how funny!!
    SJUNKY and I just drank a bottle of this yesterday..........its AMAZING!!!!!!
    Love cakebread..a bartendar referred it to me....
  7. Yes isn't cakebread amazing???? I just love it! Definite my favorite wine...
  8. I am such a wine freak and love cab! But, at $75 a bottle, I will be passing on this one-LOL.
  9. OOH I love love love Cakebread!
    Sorry, I have no suggestions.
  10. Cakebread is also one of my favorites. My other two favorites are wines from Duckhorn Vinyards and wines from Edna Valley. Good luck.
  11. I like Cakebread, too, but at that price, I have tasted less expensive wines that are as good or better.

    The best Zinfandel I have ever had is Wilson Winery 2004 Estate Zinfandel Reserve. $39.99/bottle.

    We live near the winery and a couple weeks ago they told DH they are out of this vintage, so buy it up if you find it at a store. We bought 2 cases at a nearby gourmet grocery store and DH made me promise to to dip into it without his permission LOL.

    It is an excellent Zin! The 2005 is not as good for the price.

    If any of you are near Sonoma County, CA. I can tell you where there are still about 2 cases left. :drinkup:

    (I know Cab was the topic, but wanted to tell you about another great wine!)