Cake & Bags!!!...It doesn't get better than this!

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  1. Wow, these are amazing
  2. I :heart: the Hermes Kelly cake!
    I totally want one for my next birthday.:girlsigh:
  3. The MC one with the shoes is great too and the Gucci bag is so realistic
  4. Beautiful, and delicious looking! A couple years ago, Shop Etc. magazine had a small clip about a bakery in NY that made these specialty cakes. They featured a cake in the shape of a Multicolore Leonor!
  5. I found this site in a magazine they showed a cake of the Miroir Alma but it's not on the website.
  6. Eh, I think it's over the top. Just like the women with the LV wedding.
  7. oh my, how cute is it? i don't have a heart to eat them :P
    thanks for the info label addict...
  8. what a pity the white MC has only the 5 fake colors on it :ninja: I'm wondering what they taste like...
  9. Well I love the cakes, they are so pretty. But a LV wedding, yes I agree is very over the top. A visiting woman from Atlanta had a wedding at the hotel where I work in Mexico, and she had a theme Gucci wedding, but it was pitiful, as the Gucci fabric was fake to make the decorations. Pobresita.
  10. well...custom cakes start at 350$....I'd rather buy a small bag or accessory with that money:biggrin:
  11. super cute. thanks for posting.
  12. cake and bags definatley my two favorite things ever!!
  13. Soooo cute! Thanks for posting!:heart:
  14. Amazing!