caitlin1214's product rave: Secret Clinical Strength

  1. It's twice the price as the other deodorants but SO worth it!

    I always had a hard time finding deodorants/anti-perspirants because I would sweat alot. I couldn't wear colored tops because I would get that gross wet spot under my arms! I tried EVERYTHING: anything in the Degree line, anything in the Secret line. At one point my doctor even perscribed me stuff, and it worked but it smelled like rubbing alcohol. Also, it was a liquid so it was very inconvenient to apply.

    Finally I gave up on finding a good anti-perspirant and went with Secret Platinum.

    Then I saw a commercial for this. I tried to find it in Canada but they don't sell it here. But when I went home for my reunion, I stopped at the drugstore and bought some. I fell in love with it as soon as I tried it!

    You apply it like you would your normal deoderant, except instead of applying it in the morning, you do it at night.

    And it has a very pleasant smell. I bought Light and Fresh Scent, but it also comes in Powder Protection Scent.

    (More information:
  2. Thanks for the tip!! With the temperatures here right now, I might give it a try!! We've been having 40 deg celsius latey, ugh!
  3. I can't rave enough about this deodorant either! I've always had problems too w/ excessive sweating. This stuff works like a charm!

    Def worth the $!!
  4. Hi Caitlin,

    Not sure if you ever heard of it but I use Certain Dri. It's an antiperspirant made especially for people like us who sweat more than we want to. It only costs $5.50 and needs to be applied at night only 2-3 times a week. Because I like the smell of a daily deodorant (just a psychological thing I don't have BO anymore because I don't sweat) I use my favorite deodorant each morning. Now that's worth the $$. I think the Secret costs about $7.99. That's way too much for me! I know Certain Dri is available in Canada (I think you said you live there) plus it's available online.
  5. oohh i'll give this a try because i'm a sweater too and avoid colored tops
  6. I've used both Certain Dri and Drysol and found that though they worked for the most part, the irritation was simply too much to live with.

    I recently had Botox injections and now do not sweat even a drop.