caitlin1214's Collection

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  1. [​IMG]

    Not shown:

    Louis Vuitton: Monogram Canvas Cigarette Case

    Ralph Lauren: Pink Pony Black Medium Tote
  2. Love the cerises!
  3. Very nice Caitlin.
  4. I think my favorite piece in your collection is your gorgeous cat!!!

    Or it could be the monogram ciggie case---you bad girl! (I've got one, too!)
  5. I can't see the pics!! Maybe is just me...
  6. Can't see the pics too. I wanna see your collection Caitlin.
  7. Lovely LVs!
  8. I love both the bags. They are super practical. I also love your pj pants, and the cat :smile:
  9. Love your bags and the cat!!
  10. Looking great kiddo! ;)
  11. I love both of your bags! Your cat is so adorable!
  12. lol. the expression on your cat is priceless. and i love your bags! great choices. :smile:
  13. Great pieces Caitlin!
  14. Thanks! My cat's name is Louis!

    (And I use my cigarette case as a wallet.)
  15. Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

    Hopefully I'll add more to my collection soon (my next piece will be the Monogram Multicolore pouchette), but this is my little family.

    I have the basics: an everyday bag, a clutch and a wallet.