Caissa wallet or Emile wallet?

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  1. I'm new to Louis Vuitton and the purse forum but would love some expert advice on my first new Louis Vuitton wallet. I LVoe both and can't decide. Any advice and opinions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  2. Given the choice I would pick Caissa because it has a gold button. I already have the original model Emilie. If I didn't I'd buy the Caissa for myself.
  3. I have the Caissa wallet and I absolutely love it. I also like that it has the gold button, which makes it worry free
  4. I love the Emilie. Timeless, lightweight, it's a great wallet.
  5. The Caissa has thicker Canvas, which makes it more expensive looking/feeling. The outside is so special with the diamond pattern-gorgeous! But it is a Little but stiff.
    The Azur Emilie is thinner in Material, but also really pretty - expecially for Summer/Spring. The Monogram Emilie have I never touched. I bought the Azur one yesterday and plan to buy the Caissa also.
    Good luck for your decision
  6. I have the Caissa wallet in the Rose Ballerine and absolutely love it!!! It has it's own unique look, and bonus for the worry free gold button! Good luck :smile:
  7. The Caissa wallet is so unique and gorgeous. I would go with it!
  8. The Caissa and more unique and nicer IMO.
  9. Can you please post a picture of the interior? I wonder if there is any sagging effect inside these like the DA RB Emilie I had purchased and returned. Does it feel thinner than other wallets you have (if applicable)?

    When you looked at the Caissa, did it have that sag inside like the DA RB Emilie?

    OP- I have the monogram Emilie with hot pink and love it, but I don't have a Caissa to compare it to.

  10. I'm not sure what you mean with the sag inside? I' german and I don't find a good translation for this...but if you mean that the coin compartment slouched, no, the Caissa is more stiff there because of the hidden pocket. Hope that makes sense
  11. I have them both and love them.
    They are very similar wallets.
  12. The interior lining is very tight, no sagging :smile: I don't think it feels any thinner than my old model compact zippy wallet in monogram. I'm very happy with this wallet!!


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  13. Thank you all so much!!! This has been such a difficult decision for me because they are so alike and so beautiful.
  14. I just received my delightful mm in Damier azur with rose ballerine interior. I would love the matching wallet but I'm so afraid of it getting dirty and ruined quickly.
  15. Thank you for the information and picture! I am adding it to my wishlist!