Cahier bag

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  1. Hi! I’m thinking about buying the Prada Cahier bag. What do you think about her? Is she comfortable and versatile?
  2. I just purchased this one last weekend and I am OBSESSED with it. I haven't used him yet (just stare at him nightly!) I tried on the plain Cahier bags without the studs in the store and they are beautiful. It comes in some stunning colors too. The leather is so soft and to me, the medium is the perfect size. It's very comfortable over the shoulder. And although It is kind of a 'box's style, it's not bulky and doesn't stick out from the body. It has a good amount of space inside for being a smaller bag. The small size barely fit my phone and a flat card holder. A charger or sunglasses was out of the question. This is my first Prada, and I am in love.
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  3. Thank you! :smile:
    Could you show me some pictures?
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  4. This was his first outing yesterday. The pic on the bottom is when I was in the Prad a store last weekend. Bag in the left is the medium that I bought, the bag on the right is the top handle version.
  5. Beautiful! Congratulations for your new bag! I think I’m in love! Thanks!
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  6. Have you tried calling any of the boutiques directly to see if they have them in the store still? They might be able to find one at another store and ship it to you. The sales associate that I worked when I went into my local boutique was AMAZING!!! And so nice.
  7. Beautiful bag!