Caged Footwear...

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  1. I am considering buying a pair of Tory Burch caged heels - should I get them, or has this trend sailed past already? Will they be okay to wear in the summer?! :shrugs::thinking:
  2. Well, Chanel didn't do it,again, but many others did. "Shop" on all the major department store websites and you'll see plenty of them.
  3. If you wear them with pride you should be okay. I don't feel it was a one season trend.
  4. I was just looking at shoes on Nordie's and they have a new ad for caged my guess is its back...lots of designers doing it again..:smile:
  5. Caged footwear is most definitely still in and in fact has picked up some steam. You can see them everywhere
  6. I almost went with a pair of caged ankle boots the other day when I was at DSW, but I decided on another pair instead. I think they are still pretty high up on the bell curve as far as trends go :smile:
  7. See them on all the major department store displays and magazines so it should probably still be around for awhile
  8. Shoes are such an investment these days that I will be wearing mine until I'M tired of them. I don't think of shoes the same way I do acid wash jeans, neon colors, etc. JMO
  9. Yup, still in! Louboutin has another caged bootie for Spring/Summer, so you should be all set. :smile: