Cage Match!! YSL versus LV!!

  1. Who wins this one ladies? I tried on the oversized Muse in Chocolate today and the Saleya GM. I loved them both, I already have the Saleya MM and love it! Im so torn which do you think makes a better all around (work, weekend, travel) bag?! Thanks all! Pics from and elux
    p11085783_ph_hero.jpg NMV6453_mp.jpg
  2. If you already have the Saleya MM, I would go with the Muse! I have the Large Chocolate Muse and love it!!!
  3. I have to say Muse, especially since you already have the Saleya MM. The Oversized Muse is beautiful and will be very versatile if the size is not too much for you (I can't pull it off because I am only 5'1".)
  4. I vote the Muse!
  5. Chocolate Muse
  6. I love the Saleya, but I love the Muse even more!
  7. I vote for the Muse as well :love:
  8. LV..not a fan of the muse...SORRY!
  9. I have the XL Chocolate muse and I think it's the most beautiful bag I own. It's perfect for holding a ton of stuff - either everyday or work or weekend - but it never looks overstuffed if that makes sense.

    It will be a classic bag to hand down to future generations.
  10. Wow only 1 LV vote! Jill I love your new pup by the way! I can say that I was so over the Muse until I tried it on, it is so striking and I like my bags (really) big. Sigh, what to do, I love these kinds of problems!
  11. Muse!!!!!!!!!
  12. Muse!
  13. Agree that Muse looks a lot better when it's tried on (as opposed to just sitting on the counter). If your budget allows it, go for it. =)
  14. Saleya, only cause I love the damier line in that tote. Love the muse too, but the Saleya can carry anything.
  15. Muse!!!!!