1. Does anyone happen to know if they are legit? They have something I want to order. THANKS.
  2. I don't know much about it but I do know my professor keeps talking about because of their IT infrastructure so I'm guessing that it's legit.
  3. One of the other forums that I frequent had their logos printed on tanks, tees, and bags. I have seen other members from this forum sporting their gear ordered from this website. Haven't heard a problem so far in over 2 years.
  4. One of my friends bought a shirt and some mugs from them. She was a bit upset that one item looked "pixelly", so she contacted their customer support and they replaced it right away. She was extremely pleased with their support and the replacement item was not "pixelly".
  5. I've purchased Tshirts from them. They are legit.
  6. Yay! Thank you all soooooo much!!!
  7. Yes. They are legit.
  8. Agree. I've ordered from them before.