Cafe vs. Truffle - what's the difference?

  1. I forget who posted the cafe brief picture, but it is gorgeous! :nuts:

    What's the difference between cafe and truffle? TIA
  2. Cafe is much darker
  3. thanks, I finally found a comparison pic. How close is cafe to black???
  4. I've heard a lot of girls here say it does look black sometimes and then in the light it has a coffee color.
  5. Cafe is :drool: - it is like looking into a rich, dark cup of coffee. Really a beautiful dark, dark, brown. Especially gorgeous with the gh, IMO. I am eyeing that color for an upcoming purchase.
  6. ooh, sounds :drool: for sure. Which style are you looking at? Cracker's PT is TDF.
  7. I guess cafe can look fairly close to black in low lighting. But in general I don't think it's too close to black. In brighter light, the warm reddish undertones are gorgeous!
  8. Truffle is like milk chocolate (chocolatey medium brown). Cafe is like espresso (deeper and darker brown).
  9. I am thinking of the new hobo - I will have my white one tomorrow, and if I absolutely love the style I will get the cafe hobo next (really wanting vert gazon, too!) Where is my money tree?:confused1:
  10. I tried on a Cafe hobo at Barneys in Chicago and it was absolutely TDF.
  11. uh oh, when? I was going to stop by there today! Yikes! :wtf:
  12. I saw lots of Cafes at NM in Bal Harbour. One had really nice leather, thick but heavy. They are really dark. At first I thought they were gorgeous blacks. The blacks they had were ugly. Dry looking and not a deep pretty black. The best bag there was a gorgeous verte gazon First. The color and leather were soooooo pretty.
  13. I have a cafe day with GH and love love love it. The colour is a very dark brown. Much darker than normal chocolate brown, I would compare it to the colour of plain chocolate or an espresso.
  14. I ordered cafe and truffle at the same time and kept the truffle. THe cafe is really dark, but very pretty. The truffle was more versatile for year round for my use.
  15. Cafe= dark chocolate coloured
    truffle= mushroom coloured