Cafe Query

  1. I have searched the color/leather availability and looked through references but I need to know about Cafe. Does it come in swift?

    I'm interested in the brown swifts. I will pair it with PH.

    Havanne is great but I wonder about Cafe swift I'd like to see it before I decide (if such a creature exists).

    Can anyone help?
  2. ^^ At this moment, I only know of Cafe in Clemence. :flowers:
  3. Thank you MrsS - looks like it could be Havanne then ;)
  4. Yes, MrsS is right about Café being only produced in Clemence (for the moment) but there's a new brown for Swift now, besides Havanne, and that's Ebene!:girlsigh::heart:
  5. I've only seen cafe in clemence also. Today, my DH tried on a gorgeous Steve bag in cafe and it was fabulous!!! It also looked a bit richer than the cafe Birkin I tried the other day ... must be the dye.
  6. Duna - if there's a new brown in town you'd know about it right? Thank you.

    LaVan - the weekender Steve or the messenger Steve?
  7. Havanne is last year's color for AW06, and yes it comes in Swift. I've always thought it was a tad reddish brown, H should have the swatch in the stores. No harm asking as it is last year's color. I too, have only seen cafe in clemence.
  8. The latest Le Monde has a photo of the Steve messenger bag in coffee colored clemence leather.
  9. LOLOL! You bet! Although I'd love others to confirm that Swift DOES come now in Ebene aswell; I say this because I was told about it by another SA, (not mine, who in fairly knowledgeable) so, since we all know that H knowledge is not always well distributed among SA's,LOL, she might have got it wrong......:shrugs:
  10. Thanks JH. I love that bag just gotta convince DH he needs it ;)

    I'm looking for a brown swift Lindy and though I love Havanne I thought I'd see if there was Cafe swift (now or coming). Looks like no - though Ebene swift would be interesting Duna - will ask about it when next in store.
  11. Cafe is very different than Havanne to my eye--I held my Havanne Clemence Birkin up to a Cafe Clemence Evelyne a few months ago, and the colors were absolutely totally different. Havanne is much redder and less saturated than Cafe, while Cafe is a deep true brown, darker and with no real red undertone.

    Are you sure you wouldn't consider a Cafe Clemence Lindy?
  12. No Cyn - no clemence for this one. Thanks for the input, I will need to have another look at Havanne now and be sure I can live with the "red".

    I just *heart* swift for the smooshy styles.... :whistle:
  13. The messenger and it was gorgeous!!!