Cafe Love

  1. very pretty! I love all the Balenciaga browns!
  2. I have the cafe too! isnt the color just amazing??? esp with the GGH! CONGRATS! you have great taste! :p... hehe I have the cafe and the violet too!
  3. that is such a great rich brown! congrats :heart:
  4. [​IMG]
    Cafe is so rich, your bag is gorgeous sweetie!!!!
  5. congrats! cafe is such a pretty brown.
  6. Thanks all for the lovely replies. I loved the richness of the color. It looks great with the gold!
  7. Love it ... congrats!!!!
  8. Wow-beautiful! congrats
  9. So pretty!!!!
  10. I adore this combo. it is my very first bbag!!!! I was looking for a fun spring color and ended up with a Cafe day with ggh- go figure. I think it is just rich! Congrats- she will be fun to carry this fall!!!!!
  11. very lovely...:heart: how dark and rich your cafe is!! looks awesome with GGH!! congrats!!
  12. CONGRATS...I love the richness of Cafe. The GGH gives great contrast...beautiful bbag.:jammin:
  13. Your Cafe is beautiful!!
    And the GH is such a nice combination with that colour!
    Congrats!! :yahoo:
  14. GORGEOUS!!

    love the combo:love::love: